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Virtualization continues to be a hot topic with many customers recognizing the benefits of virtualizing SharePoint including reduced server hardware costs, power and space savings, improved server utilization and rapid server provisioning.  Additionally, by choosing MS Virtualization (hyper-v + System Center) customers  benefit from a lower cost solution (both up front and ongoing) that is already part of Windows Server and an integrated end to end management solution for both physical and virtual environments.  While the SharePoint team recommends MS Virtualization as the best choice for their customers, regardless of the hypervisor being used customers should consider specific deployment scenarios to determine whether they should virtualize or not (we have found that most customers find that a mixed physical/virtual environment is optimal).  For example, both the Web and Application roles are ideal candidates for virtualizing SharePoint allowing customer to easily provision additional servers for load balancing and fault tolerance (web role) and individual application use to adjust to resource requirements.  Other scenarios such as Production SharePoint farm with large Database and Index roles or Dedicated Index and Query role within a Sharepoint farm for high utilization should remain physical.  Detailed MS recommendations can be found here

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